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Twitter fails at teh interwebs

April 19, 2008 Comments off

I mean really, i would run a development site like that. I wonder where they learnt to do web programming since I see a bunch of failures:

  • javascripts aren’t concatenated, not even compressed – a lot of unnecessary http requests.
  • static content doesn’t have proper caching headers – more unnecessary http requests.
  • slow servers – i mean really, amazon aws might be cool and neato, but really slow – i just want my page loaded in 300ms.

And those are barely a scratch on the surface – there’s a lot of stuff that can be done towards a faster page.

Yes, I’m the cranky user that doesn’t like pages that load in 5seconds (yes, 5 god damn seconds!).

Sorry twitter – you suck. I hope your developers will fix you though – don’t worry, I have other stuff to waste my time on.

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